The Beginning

My passion for photography evolved out of losing my mother at the young age of 14. After her passing, I quickly realized that we practically had no photographs together. My mother was a single mom who worked extremely hard to provide for me. The Christmas before she passed was a rough one for us. I wanted a camera more than anything, but because of our struggle financially that was out of the question. Soon after my mom had passed I received a check in the mail for almost the exact amount for the camera I wanted. It amazes me how the Universe works. And so, my journey as a photographer began.

Passion for Snapping

My passion for holding the camera would not only allow me to venture into new worlds, but to actually create another dimension for myself. It is through photography where I learned a new way of expression. I began taking classes in high school for photography, and even nailed an internship for a prestigious photography company, California Center for Digital Arts. As I invested more time into growing as a photographer, I began to evolve more and develop more of a ‘style’. As my photograph’s increased in strength, so did I. I became a stronger individual, more aware of my surroundings, and the people that make up this place we call Earth.

Opportunities Arise

Through much perseverance, the Divine blessed me with an abundance of opportunities I have seized. Not only am I blessed to be able to capture so many spectacular moments in time for individuals, but I also have the freedom of being a travel photographer. I provide content social media influencers such as Ashley , Adam, Jenny, Surpreme Patty, and Travelpreneurlife. Being a travel photographer has opened up a whole new avenue of happiness in my life. Who knew being a content creator could get even better! 

Do What You Love

All in all, I have laughed and cried as a photographer. Photography has touched my heart in ways I cannot begin to express. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. There is absolute, endless beauty with these memories I have the privilege of capturing.

Our Fantastic Clients

“Everyday you have the power to make to make two decisions. One is to be a part of the construction of the world. The other is to be a part of the destruction of the world. Every action, every reaction, every thought, even our mentality, contributes somehow to one of two. Thus implement actions in your life that promote progression, not perfection. Be a part of the construction of the world. You are a beautiful creation, so construct yourself daily through love. By constructing yourself you will subconsciously and consciously construct others.”